LG gram 2023 17Z90R 17 inch ultra-lightweight laptop

LG gram 2023

£1360.97 £1799.99

LG gram 2023 17Z90R 17 inch ultra-lightweight laptop
LG gram 2023 17Z90R 17 inch ultra-lightweight laptop
£1360.97 £1799.99

LG gram 2023 17Z90R 17 inch ultra-lightweight laptop, intel i7-1360P, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Dolby ATMOS, Windows 11 (Obsidian Black)

7.7Expert Score

The LG gram 2023 17Z90R is an impressive ultra-lightweight laptop that excels in portability and battery life. Its large, high-resolution display and powerful performance make it suitable for a wide range of tasks. However, the lack of a dedicated graphics card and limited connectivity options might deter certain users, and the loud fan noise under load is something to consider. Overall, if you prioritize a lightweight design and extended battery life, this laptop is definitely worth considering, but potential buyers should weigh their requirements against the premium price tag.

  • Incredibly Lightweight: As the name suggests, the LG gram 2023 17Z90R is exceptionally lightweight for a 17-inch laptop. Weighing in at just under 3 pounds, it's one of the lightest laptops in its category, making it perfect for users who are always on the go.
  • Large, High-Resolution Display: The 17-inch display on this laptop is a real treat. With a high-resolution panel, visuals are crisp and vibrant, making it ideal for multimedia consumption, content creation, and productivity tasks.
  • Impressive Battery Life: The LG gram 2023 boasts outstanding battery life. Thanks to its efficient components and battery optimization, users can expect a full day's worth of usage on a single charge, making it an excellent travel companion.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with the latest generation Intel Core processors, this laptop packs a punch in terms of performance. Whether you're multitasking, editing videos, or running resource-intensive applications, the laptop handles everything smoothly.
  • Ample Storage and RAM: With generous storage options and ample RAM, the LG gram 2023 ensures you have enough space to store all your files and run multiple applications without any slowdowns.
  • Sturdy Build Quality: Despite its lightweight design, the laptop doesn't compromise on build quality. It feels robust and durable, offering peace of mind for users who are constantly on the move.
  • Responsive Keyboard and Trackpad: The laptop features a comfortable keyboard and a responsive trackpad, allowing for smooth typing and precise navigation.
  • Lack of Dedicated Graphics Card: While the integrated graphics offer decent performance for everyday tasks, the absence of a dedicated graphics card may not satisfy gamers or professional users who require high-end graphical capabilities.
  • Limited Connectivity Options: The laptop's ultra-lightweight design comes at a cost of limited connectivity ports. Users might miss having additional USB ports, HDMI, or an SD card reader.
  • Loud Fan Noise Under Load: When the laptop is put under heavy load, the fans tend to get quite loud. This can be distracting during intense work sessions or gaming sessions.
  • Fingerprint Magnet: The laptop's exterior tends to attract fingerprints easily, making it look smudgy and requiring frequent cleaning to maintain its pristine appearance.
  • Pricey for the Specs: The premium lightweight design comes with a premium price tag. Some users might find the laptop slightly expensive, especially when comparing it to other laptops with similar specifications.
  • No Touchscreen Option: In an age where touchscreens are becoming increasingly common, the lack of a touchscreen option on this laptop might be a drawback for some users who prefer the added convenience.



LG gram

LG gram


tweight laptop, intel i7-1360P, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Dolby ATMOS, Windows 11 (Obsidian Black)

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