Dual sense ps5 Wireless Controller -33% Discount

PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

£39.99 £59.99

Dual sense ps5 Wireless Controller -33% Discount
Dual sense ps5 Wireless Controller -33% Discount
£39.99 £59.99
9.3Expert Score
PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller Review

Dual sense ps5 Wireless Controller -33% Discount Wireless Controller offers a revolutionary gaming experience with its innovative features, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Its ergonomic design and comfortable grip enhance gameplay comfort, while the built-in microphone and speaker provide seamless voice communication. The controller's glossy finish and limited color options are minor drawbacks, but they do not detract from the overall impressive performance and gameplay enhancement this controller brings to the PlayStation 5 experience.

Design and Comfort
Innovative Features
Built-in Microphone and Speaker
Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Innovative Haptic Feedback: The DualSense controller introduces haptic feedback, providing an immersive gaming experience with precise and nuanced vibrations, making gameplay more engaging and realistic.
  • Adaptive Triggers: The adaptive triggers offer varying resistance levels that respond to in-game actions, adding another layer of immersion and enhancing gameplay mechanics.
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker: The controller's integrated microphone and speaker allow for easy voice communication with friends during multiplayer games, without the need for an external headset.
  • Comfortable Design: The controller's ergonomic design and textured grips make it comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Responsive Touchpad: The touchpad offers responsive touch controls, adding versatility to gameplay and making navigating menus more intuitive.
  • Long Battery Life: The DualSense controller boasts an impressive battery life, providing hours of gameplay on a single charge.
  • Fingerprint Magnet: The glossy finish of the controller can attract fingerprints and smudges, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain a pristine appearance.
  • Limited Color Options: As of now, the controller's color options may be limited, leaving some users wanting more variety to match their gaming setup or personal preferences.
  • Price: Compared to previous PlayStation controllers, the DualSense controller's innovative features contribute to a slightly higher price point, which may not be ideal for budget-conscious gamers.

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Dual sense ps5 FAQ?

Q: Is the DualSense controller compatible with PlayStation 4?

A: While the DualSense controller is primarily designed for the PlayStation 5, it can also be used with a PlayStation 4 console for certain games. However, the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback may not function as intended on the older console.

Q: Can the controller be used on PC?

A: Yes, the DualSense controller is compatible with PCs. However, some games may not fully utilize the controller’s unique features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, on non-PlayStation platforms.

Q: How do I charge the controller?

A: The DualSense controller can be charged using a USB Type-C cable, which comes included with the PlayStation 5 console. Simply connect the cable to the controller and the console’s USB port to charge it.

Q: Can I turn off haptic feedback and adaptive triggers if I prefer a traditional controller experience?

A: Yes, the PlayStation 5 allows you to adjust the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger settings in the console’s system menu. You can reduce or disable these features to have a more standard controller experience if desired.

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