Oil Absorbing roller “Revlon” – Great Offer

Revlon Oil Absorbing
Oil Absorbing roller “Revlon” – Great Offer
Oil Absorbing roller “Revlon” – Great Offer
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Oil Absorbing roller Revlon Pros-Cons

The Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller is a reusable and washable skincare tool that absorbs excess oil on your skin with real volcanic stone. It also helps you achieve a matte finish, refresh your makeup, and massage your face. It is suitable for all skin types and genders

Easy to use
Easy to clean
Value for money
  • It is reusable and easy to wash, unlike blotting papers that are single-use and wasteful.
  • It is made from real volcanic stone that has natural oil-absorbing properties.
  • It is compact and portable, so you can use it on the go or at home.
  • It can help you achieve a matte finish and refresh your makeup without adding any product to your face.
  • It can also provide a mini massage and stimulate blood circulation on your face
  • It may not work well for people with very oily skin or large pores, as it may not absorb enough oil or may clog the pores.
  • It may not be very hygienic or effective if you do not wash it regularly or thoroughly, as it may accumulate dirt, bacteria, or makeup residue.
  • It may cause irritation or allergic reactions for some people who are sensitive to volcanic stone or have skin conditions.
  • It may be expensive or hard to find compared to other oil-absorbing products, such as blotting papers, powders, or primers.

Oil Absorbing roller

Oil Absorbing roller “Revlon” FAQ ?

Q: How do I use the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller?

  • A: To use the roller, gently roll it over your T-zone or any oily areas on your face. You will see the oil being absorbed by the stone. To clean the roller, twist the ring to unlock and remove the stone. Wash it with a gentle cleanser and water, then let it air dry before reassembling.
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Q: How often should I use the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller?

  • A: You can use the roller as often as you need, depending on your skin type and oiliness level. However, you should wash the roller at least once a week to keep it hygienic and effective.

Q: Does the Revlon Oil Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller have any side effects?

  • A: The roller is generally safe and gentle for most skin types, but some people may experience irritation or allergic reactions to the volcanic stone. If you notice any redness, itching, swelling, or rash on your skin after using the roller, stop using it and consult a doctor.
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